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I believe I was wrong.
Yay! Glad to hear it is working Skathara!
nvm, seems to be working for now.
Due to computer problems, I dunno when I'll next be on, sorry. >.<
I only ended up with 2 screenshots of tonights goofery. None of the Alderaan shots made it, unfortunately.
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New Museum Exhibit Coming Soon

Halcyon Guild Master posted Feb 17, 14
This image was taken from the Ziost Shadow security cameras, apparently spotting a potential new statue for display in the museum. What could it be?

Member Clean-up

Graynight High Council posted Jan 3, 14

Hey guys;

So, we have been going through the member list and have seen a lot of people who haven't logged in for over 100+ days.   The council got together and decided it was time to do a cleanup.

Now some background for you, any member who has not logged in for over 30 days does not count toward our guild bonus; so don't worry that we will drop our Experience or Reputation boost.

Moving forward, we have decided on a time limit that Members can go without being logged in.  Please note that this is for your LEGACY.  If you have two characters, one you haven't played for a year and the other you play daily, neither character will be removed.

Recruits - 30 days of not logging in

Full members - 90 days of not logging in

Elite/Veteran Members - 150 days of not logging in

Magistrates - 200 days of not logging in

If you have had a character removed and want them back in, please contact an Officer or Council member and have them re-added.  If someone messages you because they were removed, do the same thing.  This isn't a banning of any type, just a clean-up.  All are welcome back.

You will also notice that the member notes are starting to contain your Legacy name/Forum login.  This helps us to determine which characters are yours, and will remove any possibility of having them removed during our next cleanup if you are active on another character.  Please have your member note updated with your Legacy name and your Forum ID so we don't remove anyone we shouldn't.


Arturia Pendragon Member I also appreciate not being kicked out. I don't know if I was going to still be out on leave for more than 90 days. Glad ...
Celahir Member hey don't kick me I just got back to the game had to move and get net set back up on a new laptop and installing again ...

Recruitment Lock

Obscura High Council posted Dec 5, 13
Greetings Phantom Legion and Order of Mercy!

We have new standards for Recruiting new members. While we make sure everyone understands these and accepts the Charter there will be a recruitment lock in place. No new members will be recruited.

Please go HERE to see our new Recruitment process and to acknowledge it.

~The Council

Arturia Pendragon Member I agree with it wholeheartedly!

New Ranking System and more

Obscura High Council posted Nov 26, 13
New Ranking system is up! HERE

Now up: Roles and Expectations of Guild Leaders. HERE

Now Up: New Recruitment Guidelines. HERE ~Halcyon

State of the Guilds

Halcyon Guild Master posted Nov 5, 13
Hello everyone. I just wanted to announce to everyone some changes we have in the works.  The guilds are constantly evolving and growing, and we must adapt and evolve to meet that growth in order to provide you with the best possible Guild experience.

In that spirit, we will be re-evaluating some ranks and responsibilities, seeking to better clarify and define the responsibilities of the leadership in these guilds, as well as trim some unnecessary fat in the ranking system.  I fully expect that we will be condensing the ranking system as a result of this move, and I would like to ask everyone to be patient as we test out and implement a simplified rank system.

Keep your eye on the forums for information on what changes we make and how they will affect you.

As always, I appreciate you as a member of our organization, and I'm glad to have you on board.
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