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So feel free to talk about whatever games you all are playing lately
Well, I finally let my swtor sub lapse. I fully intend to keep playing as a preferred player though. And just a reminder, this site is for a guild, not a game. Even if we are playing games other than swtor, this is still home base.
Thanks. Might actually make it on during the day on Sunday.
*hug* Keeping you and your family in my thoughts/prayers Basteen. Take care. We look forward to seeing you when you are on.
Sorry I've not been around, dealing with an ailing parent and weird work schedule. I'll try to pop in here and ther as time allows. Spending alot of time at Mom's, laptop won't play SWToR though :(
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October 2016

The Future of the Legion

Halcyon Guild Master posted Sep 19, 16

I posted this in the Leadership Discord chat earlier this morning.  I wanted to make these thoughts available to the guild as a whole.  

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that SWTOR has gotten a little stale for everyone lately. Its understandable. We've been playing the same game for years, and this is kind of a downtime, content-wise.
While I enjoy occupying my time with other games, I miss my guild, I miss you guys. And so I've been trying to think of ways to solve that issue, and I think I may have a solution.

We have these great characters we've all made, and we all enjoy playing them and roleplaying. I have this concept of a Phantom Legion that is more than just a swtor-based guild. We've toyed with extra-dimensional concepts in the past, and that wild device we have on tatooine that forcasts problems in the galaxy that we can go set right.

But what if it could detect problems in other dimensions as well? And more than that, facilitate travel between them? We could keep our characters, keep our contact (both on the site and the discord servers). The Phantom Legion, this unseen time-and-dimension travelling organization, could be anywhere, in any galaxy, any game, as a united front. An undercover peacekeeping organization.

The same characters, traveling from game to game, keeping in touch through our technology, keeping the swtor tat base as our home base.

Something like this could allow us to keep our guild, keep our contacts, without being shoehorned into playing the same game all the time. I dont know. Its pretty much what I do, anyways. I usually am making the same characters in whatever game I play. My own headcanon is pretty much that. The Halcyons go where they are needed. The Phantom Legion could be a larger evolution of that concept.

It all comes down to this: I miss playing with my guild.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Post a comment in reply to this news post and tell me what your thoughts are.  

For the record, I am not advocating 'abandoning' swtor. Its the Home Game, the origin of the Legion.   I still love it, I will continue to play it, obviously.  But something like this could allow our characters to be interacting regardless of what game we are currently playing.  

It could also help us discover new games together, find each other in other worlds when we need help.  And with a Phantom Legion established in multiple games, the potential for growing the guild increases exponentially.

We'd probably want to establish different guild leaders in each game.  No way could I manage being the GM of every chapter of the Legion.  But we can work out the details.

Anyways, like I said. Sound off in comments.  I'd like to know what you think.
Basteen Member I like where this is going. I, too am playing a few F2P games, mainly: Rift Defiance Mostly on Rift on the Wolfsbane sh...
Xi'eryn Elite First off, I love the idea. Secondly, I have some free to play game names that we could easily use, mostly of the fantas...


Halcyon Guild Master posted Aug 16, 16

As some of you have noticed, we have taken advantage of the summer downswing to merge the Order of Mercy and the Phantom Legion into a single entity, a new Cross-Faction Phantom Legion.  We will be keeping the LegionAndOrder url for the time being, but we plan to eventually integrate a new PhantomLegion url for the guild site.

From a storyline point of view, we are going to be starting a new chapter in the lives of the Legion characters.  The Halcyon Clan has been brutally attacked and suffered several casualties.  Oryon has returned and assumed control of the Clan, and is prepared to assume control of the Legion if need be.   With the Halcyons out of comission for so long, the members of the Legion have scattered.  

The new chapter will deal with re-uniting the Legion under a single banner, as well as expanding our ranks.  Let us know if you want to play along, we always want members to be involved with the story in any capacity.

Hope everyone has had a great summer, and I look forward to seeing you all in game soon!


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